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LampyLink is a business networking powerhouse!

LampyLink™ is an easy, hassle-free service that will match you to the best inventor/investor connection available in our network. Described as a private, elite, professional business network for people with common financial interests, we connect all types of Entrepreneurs, Inventors, CEOs, Technologists, Environmentalists, Start-Ups and Investors eager to join our network and ready to launch.


Our team will work with you to seek out private equity capital within our membership network. We will introduce you to various investors, technologists and mentors. We will help you reach the broadest audience possible. In addition to our FREE membership-sign up program, our value added services(VAS)™ are quite inexpensive relative to the amount of capital and connections you are seeking!


Looking for investment capital, strategic alliances, market channel partners, board of directors and board advisers to help you launch your start-up company then Lampy Link is excited to help you. Remember, you have to be in-it-to-win-it and this is a step in the right direction!

Investors/Private Equity/Angels/Venture Capitalists

The bottom line begins and ends here in your quest to seek out and invest in the next greatest opportunity!


Joining Lampy Link will give you immediate exposure to everyone and anyone you would want to come in contact with for all the right reasons!

Market Sector Categories

Find the next BIG thing!

All you need is our team!

Our Membership Organization and Category Market Sectors are VIP first class!

Many Ways

Endless Ideas

Our goal is to connect anyone looking to expand themselves, their brand and their professional reputations in the world of social business networking.

“I have known Jeffrey Lampert for 31 years and he is the most amazing guy you would ever want to meet. His ability to connect people from all over the world is beyond anything you could ever imagine. I have personally been involved and witnessed Jeffrey single handedly round up all the right people to discuss multi-million dollar business opportunities and make it happen. ‘Talk about show me the money!'”

Eddie Dovner
Good Life USA, LLC

"I have tried all the standard social media and networking groups yet Lampy Link is my 'go to'. Jeffrey has created something truly unique ....a cost effective alternative that actually produces and connects me with the right people".

Shannon Hattery
Board Member
OmniElite Financial
Group LLC
Tampa, FL.

“If you have working capital to invest in various market sectors and you want to connect with some very savvy cutting-edge entrepreneurs then you have come to the right place”

Joe Lavigne
Operations Manager
Lampy Link

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