“If You Need to Meet Them – We Know Them!”

The LampyLink™ Suite of Services (LLSOS)™ acts as a vehicle to distribute, market, promote, cross-sell and license joint LLC partnership opportunities.

LampyLink™ is a proven networking generator. Our broad reach of who we know on a world-wide basis may act as a gateway to unite our clients with venture capital and private equity firms, angel groups, conglomerates, private wealth management organizations and high net worth individuals.

What is especially exciting about the creation and concept of LampyLink™ is, in a very quick period of time, our hard working and dedicated team has been able to capture the attention of the Cambridge MA “think-tank types” and the folks in the “technology growth market sectors” to pay attention to how we are growing our network organization.

Networking circles are simply buzzing about the fact that we offer new and exciting ways to assist various entrepreneurs and inventors gain traction in the right direction. Inventors and entrepreneurs, reach out to us and together we will try our very best to fulfill your lifelong hopes and dreams you have had for years.

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Jeffrey L Lampert